What is KaktusPay ?

KaktusPay is primarily a cross-border cashless payment solution connecting UAE based businesses and brands with customers from Asia by offering a unified platform that unlocks all major wallets from the region including WeChat Pay (China), KakaoPay (Korea), Jkos Pay (Taiwan), PayPay (Japan), MoMo (Vietnam), AirPay (Thailand) which are the leading payment methods used by millions of Asians visiting UAE.

KaktusPay allows UAE based businesses and brands to tap into greater revenue streams from Asian customers who rank highly in terms of their purchasing habits and are considered as an increasingly growing tourist segment for UAE.

Easiest Way Around

KaktusPay offers easy integration allowing you to choose the best payment integration option for your business and instant launch with POS terminals. No training required. Easy, simple and tailored for seller staff.

Anywhere, Anytime

No matter if your business runs on desktop, mobile or tablet, KaktusPay has got your covered. We provide the payment solutions allowing you to satisfy consumers’ needs in all kinds of payment scenarios.

Speedy Checkout

Enhance overall consumer experience by allowing individuals to simply scan to pay. With KaktusPay, transactions can be completed within seconds.

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